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Law School/Law Firm Trainings

For: Law school career services offices, Law firms, nonprofit organizations, and other legal services organizations onboarding new lawyers


In person or remote training seminars, customized based on your organization’s needs and aimed at addressing the key soft and hard skills new lawyers need to master to impress their supervisors and add value to their teams.  Topics for new lawyer training can include:

-time management

-communication strategies & professionalism

-creating excellent work product

-managing workloads, including turning down more work without damaging relationships

-billing time

-seeking and implementing feedback

-delegating successfully

-work/life balance

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Legal Resume Writing Service

For: Law students and practicing lawyers looking to upgrade their legal resumes

What: Leveraging over a decade of legal practice, hiring, and interviewing, I’ll review and revise your legal resume and draft a customized cover letter to help you build the legal career of your dreams.

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Junior Associate Kickstart: One-on-One Coaching (+ Lawyer Coaching On Demand)

For: Law Students and Recent Law Grads (0-3 years of practice)

What: Individualized coaching sessions aimed at improving your work product and de-stressing your worklife. We’ll discuss the issues you face in your practice and identify practical steps you can take to address your concerns, impress your supervisors, and experience less day-to-day stress at work.

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Survive & Thrive eCourse

For: Law Students and Recent Law Grads (0-3 years of practice)

What: Online, self-paced course, covering practical tips for managing your workload, communicating with your supervisors, and getting your legal career off to the best start possible.

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