junior associate kickstart: 1-1 lawyer coaching

Why Lawyer Coaching?

As a junior associate in a law firm, the strength of your professional development training often comes down to luck. You may get staffed on a great team full of senior attorneys ready and willing to mentor and train you. Or, more frequently, you are thrown right into the deep end of the pool, forced to sink or swim without much guidance or mentorship.

Adjusting to professional life, particularly in law firms, can be a struggle. You are faced with demanding clients, multiple deadlines, and high expectations. If you are struggling with any of the following, coaching may help:


    – Managing your time
    – Managing your workload
    – Organization
    – Billing Time
    – Meeting Deadlines
    – Communicating with your colleagues and supervisors
    – Delegating
    – Seeking and implementing feedback
    – Improving attention to detail
    – Bouncing back after making a mistake
    – Strategizing about your big picture career goals

Junior Associate Kickstart, my lawyer coaching package, is right for you if you are looking for:

A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who understands the challenges of law firm life.

A helpful ear to listen to your work-related issues and provide objective feedback.

A mentor who is in your corner, helping you stay on track at work and strategize about your career. 

A problem-solver who can help you develop and implement a plan to address your biggest challenges at work.

The Three-Month Plan Includes:

1. Six 45-minute coaching calls (must occur within three months of signing up).

2. Unlimited email support following up on our coaching conversations during the duration of the program.

3. Lifetime access to Survive & Thrive, my flagship online course aimed at helping new lawyers succeed in the workplace.


How will we spend our time?

I tailor my coaching sessions to each client, but here’s an example of how we might focus our time:

Calls 1-2: We’ll get clarity on who you are and how you’re doing at work. Where are you succeeding? What are your biggest struggles? We’ll set goals for you to accomplish to tackle your biggest challenges.

Calls 3-4: Working from the goals we created during calls 1-2, we’ll map out a plan of attack to resolve your biggest work challenges and get you started down that path.

Calls 5-6: Time to optimize. We’ll celebrate your wins and tweak what’s not working.

During each call, we’ll also workshop any thorny issues you’re struggling with that week.


Want to learn more?

Let’s talk about whether the Junior Associate Kickstart lawyer coaching program is right for you.

Book a free 20-minute consultation call here.

I would love to speak to as many junior associates as possible, but time constraints limit me to only those with serious interest in signing up, and I take on a limited number of clients at one time. To that end, please note that Junior Associate Kickstart is a significant investment in yourself, but still costs less than most partners charge for an hour or two of client work.

Ready for some coaching but want to schedule a single session? I also offer Lawyer Coaching On Demand.

If you’re looking for personalized help and want to schedule a single coaching session, we can discuss any of the following relating to your professional life:

  • Adjusting to Biglaw life
  • Workplace communication and office politics
  • Time management
  • Project/People management
  • Work/life balance
  • Networking
  • Business Development
  • Job Hunting
  • Making Partner
  • Deciding when to leave your job
  • Biglaw exit options

Sign up for a one-on-one coaching session here.

Want some help but prefer a different method?

Sign up for Survive & Thrive, my online, self-paced course teaching everything your senior attorneys want you to know but don’t always tell you.

Learn more and enroll here.







With over 10 years of experience practicing law at NYC’s Legal Aid and in large law firms, I’ve trained dozens of law students and junior lawyers in how to get their work done well and on time, while experiencing less stress and retaining more control over their personal lives. I truly enjoy the project and people management side of legal practice, and all the problem-solving that entails, and I love helping law students and new lawyers ease what can be a stressful transition from student to practitioner.


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