Are you a law student getting ready to make the transition from classroom to career?

Are you a young lawyer in the first few years of your legal practice, struggling to make the most of your days and get it all done?

Are you trying to figure out how to maintain a good work/life balance in the demanding profession of law?

Are you super stressed and looking for ways to enjoy your legal job a little more?

Are you just flat out wondering how to be a successful lawyer?

Making the change from full-time law student to practicing attorney can be rough.

I want to help.




Hi – I’m Kelli, and I’ve got over 10 years experience practicing law in legal services organizations and NYC biglaw.

 Not too long ago, I was in your shoes, starting a new career and wondering how to be a successful lawyer. It’s not always easy to figure out how to translate three years of legal education aimed at teaching you how to “think like a lawyer” to the daily life of a working attorney in a way that is useful to your supervisors and clients.  I have made the mistakes, or seen them made, and I’m here to offer you my tried and true methods for everything from increasing your productivity to figuring out how to set boundaries and maintain a personal life.

 I’ll tell you what you need to know when starting your legal job to manage your day-to-day working life with less stress and more success.

 This is all the advice I wish I had received as a brand new attorney, and all the advice your supervising attorneys wish you knew (but don’t always think to teach you).

 The Career Files is also a place to ask questions. I want to hear from you! What advice do you wish you had as a junior attorney starting your career? What career advice do you need now? What would you like to see covered on the blog?

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