midlevel associate

The midlevel associate years are exciting: the learning curve has leveled off and you feel like you know what you’re doing (at least some of the time). Your responsibilities increase, and you tend to have more control over your schedule. At the same time, it can be really stressful! In addition to the work you are assigned from senior lawyers, you have your own projects to manage, including delegating to junior associates and staff. Your personal responsibilities may be greater, and the pressure mounts to consider what’s next. Do you want to stay at your firm and make partner? Or move on to something else?

To help you manage your day-to-day working life as a midlevel associate and think critically about and plan for your long-term career, I have created Managing as a Midlevel, a self-paced, online course.

It covers:

  • Strategies to get noticed as a leader in your practice group and firm
  • Action steps to help you manage your matters and teams to get work done well and on time
  • Tips and tricks to manage your own time among competing priorities
  • Easy-to-implement business development and networking strategies
  • Tips to help you find and use mentors and sponsors
  • How to decide if you want to make partner and what to do to help make it happen
  • Steps to take to move on from your firm

Learn more about Managing As a Midlevel and sign up for a free preview lesson here.

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