Job Title: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Industry: Veterinary Medicine

Location: London, UK

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Salary/Benefits: £23,500 before tax, reduced cost pet vaccinations and treatment if not covered by insurance

Employer Type: Private company

Employer Size: 6 staff

How Long in Current Position: Over a year

Highest Level of Education: University Diploma

Path to This Job: Passion for working to help sick and injured animals

A typical day at work:

I work a 9-hour shift with a 1 hr lunch (where possible), and I have an hour commute. General tasks at work Iinclude:

  • receptionist work
  • insurance processing
  • hospitalization/medication of animals
  • blood/sample taking
  • laboratory work
  • pharmacy dispensing
  • general anesthetic monitoring
  • minor surgery (including stitch ups, minor dental work)
  • nurse consults (preventative medication, weight clinics, senior health checks, nail clips, post-operative checks, admits for procedures)
  • cleaning the hospital
  • disinfection of surgery and surgery kits and most importantly…
  • tea and coffee maker

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Photo by J-S Romeo on Unsplash

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