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Job Title: Registered Nurse

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Spokane, WA

Age: 58

Gender: Female

Salary/Benefits: $80K, earned PTO, sick days, Medical, Dental and Vision

Employer Type: Private company

Employer Size: Large.  Hundreds of skilled nursing facilities in the Western US.

How Long in Current Position: 7 years

Highest Level of Education: Associates Degree in Nursing

Path to This Job: I worked in a large hospital for many years and needed a change of pace.  Started working for a skilled nursing facility doing MDS nursing.

A typical day at work:

5:00am: Wake up.

6:15-6:30am: Arrive at work.

During the Day:

My nursing job requires resident assessments for Medicare and Medicaid compliance.  Arriving early allows me to interact with the night shift staff.  I usually do not stop for lunch but will eat at my desk while working. 

3:00-3:30pm: Most days, I leave work by this time.

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