Career advice & coaching for Lawyers


Are you a law student getting ready to start your first legal job?

Are you a lawyer in your first few years of practice, trying to figure out how to make the most of your workdays, impress your supervisors, and maintain a strong work/life balance?


The Career Files is run by a lawyer, for lawyers, advising how to succeed in your legal job while experiencing less day-to-day stress. I work with individual students, schools, and workplaces to guide new lawyers through their first years of practice, focusing on all the things they don’t learn in law school but need to know to do well at work.

Law School Seminars

In person or remote trainings of law school students designed to help them ace their summer internships and first legal jobs

Law Firm/NPO Trainings

In person or remote training seminars for new lawyers, customized to address issues important to your organization

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized coaching sessions with recent grads and new lawyers aimed at improving your work product and de-stressing your worklife

Online Courses

Online course for new and soon-to-be lawyers, covering practical tips for managing your workload, communicating with your supervisors, and getting your legal career off to the best start possible